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Thank you for visiting my website.  I’m excited to share my latest book—my first novel—with you. (It’s chick-lit, up with a twist!) 

Over the years I have written many humorous books and articles on subjects of social mores and etiquette, but I really wanted to try my hand at fiction. For one thing, I began to realize that, whether I was writing my humorous self-help guides or my “Citiquette” column, what I enjoyed most were the scenes I would use for illustrating my advice. These stories I often exaggerated or pieced together from several actual incidents. (I mean, I may be “Miss Mingle,” but nobody can go to that many fascinating parties.)  So I already felt I was writing fiction, in a way.

In ETIQUETTE FOR THE END OF THE WORLD, the character of Tess Eliot, who writes humorous advice for a living, and who finds herself in such dire straits in the beginning of the novel, is obviously partly based on me.  So while it is a wacky, funny romp of a book in many ways, it is also a very personal book.

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