Mingling with the Enemy

“This handy guide couldn’t be more timely.”

— Publishers’s Weekly

“In this age of discord and disconnection, so many of us struggle to engage with others on even the most basic level. In Mingling with the Enemy, Jeanne Martinet wisely advises readers on how to navigate even the trickiest social landmines with skill, grace, and humor. The strategies and advice in this book are timely, relevant, and actionable; this is the adulting manual I want to give to everyone I know!”

— Carla Naumburg, PhD

Author of How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t with Your Kids

“In Mingling with the Enemy, Jeanne Martinet offers a powerful antidote to rising incivility, intolerance, and outright hate. This insightful book is lucid, compelling, and above all, timely.”

— Maggie Jackson

Author of Distracted

Mingling with the Enemy is a timely and useful book. Martinet does a wonderful job of exposing the social costs of our polarized era, and she offers a number of sensible tips for helping us, if not overcome our differences, at least learn to understand them better. Civil conversation of course is not a cure-all, but, as Martinet shows, it is a necessary step toward a more productive political discourse—and a step away from the brink.”

— Ulrich Boser

Author of The Leap

“Jeanne Martinet offers a much-needed guide to surviving today’s growing ‘partisan phobia.’ Using examples from everyday social situations, Martinet outlines clever and practical tools to help navigate, and even disarm, politically divisive topics. Her fun, conversational style makes this an enjoyable and accessible read for anyone who is tired of fighting, and instead wants to connect more meaningfully across the aisle.”

— Anatasia S. Kim, PhD

Associate professor of clinical psychology at The Wright Institute in Berkeley, CA; and author of It’s Time to Talk (and Listen)


cover_mingling_smallThe Art of Mingling

“Ms. Martinet believes in mingling the way some people believe in yoga. To her it is a discipline and form of exercise to be practiced on a regular basis.”

The New York Times

“Boy do I need Jeanne Martinet’s The Art of Mingling: Fun and Proven Techniques for Mastering Any Room (Griffin St. Martin’s, Oct.). The book, the 1992 version of which was born when Martinet’s friends asked for tips after they saw her mixing with an entire guest list at a wedding, has been revised for the smartphone generation.”

Library Journal

“Jeanne Martinet, author of The Art of Mingling, is an expert at navigating parties.”

New York Daily News

“Having all my life dreaded social mingling with an ever increasing unease, I will now carry The Art of Mingling with me wherever I go, knowing I will no longer be at a loss for words.”

— J. P. Donleavy

“Martinet has developed techniques for working any event with ease.”

Chicago Tribune

“Jeanne Martinet’s amusing guide contains nifty ideas designed to get the flower off the wall and into circulation.”

— Letitia Baldridge

“Jeanne Martinet, the acid-tongued queen of the New York party scene, has come to the rescue of wallflowers everywhere with The Art of Mingling.”

London Daily Mirror

“If your idea of absolute terror is a room full of strangers at a party…then you’d benefit from The Art of Mingling.”

Single Life Magazine

The Art of Mingling takes the intimidation out of party scenes, whether they are business-related or social.”

Publishers Weekly

“Anyone who reads [The Art of Mingling] will end up being the belle of the ball….I love it. I love it. I love it.”

— Marjabelle Young Stewart

“Do cocktail parties leave you feeling like a guy who’s wearing madras Bermuda Shorts when everybody else is in black tie? Pick up The Art of Mingling, and learn how you can transform yourself from Nervous Norvess to Cary Grant…learn about circulating with style and the etiquette of escape.”



cover_etiquette_smallEtiquette for the End of the World

“Smart and funny.”

— Randy Cohen

Author of Be Good: How to Navigate the Ethics of Everything

“Jeanne Martinet has written a wise and witty novel, full of surprises and lovable characters. Perfect reading as the end of the world approaches.”

— Richard Marek

Author of Works of Genius and co-author of A Godsend

“Warmhearted and deliciously sly…Read it, laugh out loud, and be prepared for anything!”

— Laura Moore

Author of Trouble Me and In Your Eyes

“When the world comes to an end, I want Jeanne Martinet at my side, giving me dating protocol and telling me how to carry my weapons. Etiquette for the End of the World is brilliant, page-turning fun.”

— Debra Galant

Author of Rattled and Cars from a Marriage

“Etiquette for the End of the World is a funny, charming and knowing look at post-2012 romance.”

— Dalma Heyn

Author of Marriage Shock: The Transformation of Women into Wives

“Etiquette has all the pleasures of chick-lit, but deeper ones too, a great deal of fascinating lore about myths and mysteries that alternately comfort us or scare us to death. I’d say this book is a happy meeting between Noel Coward and Nora Ephron, sophisticated, richly humorous, and oddly enough, full of excellent advice for the little apocalypses we encounter every day.”

— A.R. Taylor

Author of Sex, Rain and Cold Fusion

“It’s like Douglas Adams and Marian Keyes got together and made a light-hearted love child, then she grew up and wrote this book… I cannot even begin to tell you all the ways I loved this book.”

— Reeka Boland

Bound By Words (online book blog)


cover_friends_smallLife Is Friends

“Funny, light, and practical — filled with tips on getting over hosting phobia, initiating adult style ‘play dates’ with new friends, and embracing the ebb and flow of friendships.”

— The Huffington Post

“This is one listening experience that may just change your life.”

— Publishers Weekly

“The new loneliness isn’t a crowded room. It’s a crowded inbox full of people unwilling to make plans to get out of the house and see each other. Jeanne Martinet, who always chronicles the intricacies and niceties of social life with the precision of a microbiologist and warmth of a best pal, has arrived with a new book. This time she is here to tell you to get off the computer and into the swim of things by reactivating your social life. Life Is Friends is a guide to doing what used to come naturally — getting together and talking face to face. It is a call to arms and to the dinner table, gentler than electroshock for the on-line addicted, but just as jolting.”

— Bob Morris

Author of Assisted Loving: True Tales of Double Dating With My Dad

“In the 70’s and 80’s a funny slogan on a t-shirt for women was ‘Whoops I forget to get pregnant!’ Today, in our fast paced 21st century life, the slogan for almost everyone could be, “Whoops, I forgot to have friends!” Martinet’s very sensible and sweet guide to friendship — everything from being a good host and a good guest, to traveling with friends — contains great advice, funny things you always forget to do and some deep wisdom about the need to sometimes lie, if it is done with love. As an only child, I have found forging friendships difficult and I always envy the people who do it with fun and ease. Reading Life Is Friends, I was relieved to know I was doing quite a few things right, and I was delighted to learn a few new tips.”

— Margot Adler

NPR Correspondent and author of Drawing Down the Moon and Heretic’s Heart


cover_truer_smallTruer Than True Romance

“It’s just highly unlikely that any other book this year will be funnier.”

— Booklist

“Jeanne Martinet is doing to romance comics what ‘Mystery Science Theatre’ did to science fiction films….Maybe if real romance comics were this funny, they would still be around.”

— Cleveland Plain Dealer

“…laugh-out-loud hilarious…..a terrific idea, carried out with wonderful success.”

— Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune

“…visions of utter clarity…”

— Detour

“With elements of Bridget Jones and Sex in the City plus a dash of Cynthia Heimel, Truer Than True Romance is the consummate guide for the single set.”

— Atomic Magazine

“laugh out loud satire”

— TimeOut New York

“One of the funniest books to arrive in ages….comic masterpiece.”



cover_dodging_smallArtful Dodging

“[An] amusing ode to the social white lie and those who can dispense it gracefully…not only funny but genuinely useful.”

— Kirkus Reviews

“Jeanne Martinet’s funny and surprisingly humane guide resurrects those civilized excuses that used to be known as white lies before somebody decided that unflinching honesty represents the moral high road.”


“Jeanne Martinet, author of The Art of Mingling and other light-hearted social how-to books, will help you dodge your overbearing boss, the chatty guy next to you on an overcrowded flight, or your least favorite client — without risking your future dealings with these annoying types.”

— Frequent Flyer

“…a lighthearted tribute to the virtues of the social white lie.”

— Denver Post


cover_comebacks_smallCome-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs

“…a witty and insightful dating book disguised as a ‘lines’ book.”

— Rocky Mountain News

“…What do you say to get rid of him? Ladies, worry no longer. Jeanne Martinet has the answer in her new book….Martinet offers suggestions for the dating spectrum, from starting a conversation to rejecting a date via fax.”

— New York Daily News

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