“Ms. Martinet believes in mingling the way some people believe in yoga.” —The New York Times


Photo by Deborah Geffner

JEANNE MARTINET is the author of nine books, including the recently published MINGLING WITH THE ENEMY as well as THE ART OF MINGLING, which has sold 150,000 copies and has been published in ten countries. She has been featured in such publications as The New York Times, Salon, The Boston Globe, Glamour and The Washington Post. She has shared her humor and mingling know-how on numerous TV and radio shows, including “The Today Show,” “The CBS Early Show,” and NPR’s “Morning Edition.” She lives, writes and mingles in New York City.

We are living in a new social era: The Powder Keg Era. These days almost every subject leads straight to politics, and the conversation goes straight to hell. In our increasingly polarized world, where we’re continuously pummeled by politics via social media and the 24/7 news cycle, social situations have become more and more precarious. There are landmines everywhere. MINGLING WITH THE ENEMY provides you with essential advice, practical strategies and easy-to-employ techniques for navigating any and all hostile territories, with the ultimate hope of learning how to connect in a better way.

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