Getting Beyond Hello

cover_beyondAfter the publication of Jeanne Martinet’s first book, The Art of Mingling, interviewers and readers playfully dubbed her “Miss Mingle.” Getting Beyond Hello is a compilation of letters to and answers from Miss Mingle — the Miss Manners of the cocktail party. She offers sometimes outrageous advice on a variety of topics such as: handling awkward introductions (including the sometimes unwelcome Greeting Kiss); mingling single; facing a room full of strangers; hosting under stressful circumstances; coping with kids in various social situations; embracing the little white lie; dealing with boors, drunks and other pests; keeping business and pleasure in perspective; jump-starting a dying party; getting rid of slow-to-leave guests; mingling in cyberspace and more.

Getting Beyond Hello is not only a useful guide but also an entertaining read — presenting dozens of often hilarious social dilemmas and mingling problems. Sometimes Miss Mingle’s answers are not what you expect…

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