Come-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs

cover_comebacksWhoever said “First comes love, then comes marriage” was forgetting a slice of living hell we call dating. To persevere, women must have help — in the form of practical advice, humor, and camaraderie. Come-Ons, Comebacks, and Kiss-Offs provides all three of these. In this uniquely useful and funny book Jeanne Martinet guides the reader through the treacherous and often nerve-wracking dating waters with humor and honesty. Herself a veteran of the dating wars, Martinet offers anecdotes, dead-on insights and men-tested, ready to use lines for every dating situation, no matter how awkward, exciting, unusual or just plain mortifying.

Topics include:

  • Perfecting the pick-up
  • Expediting the first kiss
  • Lines for filling awkward silences
  • How to give him the green light
  • Executing the mid-date escape
  • Rejecting him nicely
  • Rejecting him not-so-nicely
  • Handling the psycho-date
  • And much more!

A must have book for surviving first phone calls, stiff dinner talk, rejected passes, nervous leave-takings and guys who can’t stop talking about their computers.

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