The Art of Mingling

Fully revised and updated—with Jeanne Martinet’s trademark wit and practicality, The Art of Mingling hands you the keys to feeling at ease in any social situation Does the idea of going to a large party make your mouth go dry? Are you more comfortable on Facebook than face-to-face? You’re not alone: Ninety percent of the world suffers from minglephobia. Jeanne Martinet has developed a cure—a sure-fire system for overcoming fears and having a great time at any type of business or social gathering. Filled with simple techniques, tricks, tips, lines and maneuvers, and illustrated with entertaining examples, The Art of Mingling teaches you:

  • Basic survival strategies for the Truly Terrified
  • Opening lines and gambits that really work
  • Tools and rules for keeping the conversation going in the right direction
  • The all-important etiquette of escape
  • Faux pas recovery techniques
  • How to avoid the dumb use of smartphones
  • The secret to being a good listener
  • The right way to follow up online
  • and much, much more!

“Ms. Martinet believes in mingling the way some people believe in yoga. To her it is a discipline and form of exercise to be practiced on a regular basis.”

The New York Times

“The Art of Mingling takes the intimidation out of party scenes, whether they are business-related or social.”

Publishers Weekly

— Editor’s Pick for Fall 2015, Library Journal

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