Take Miss Mingle to a Party!


Say hello to “Flat Miss Mingle.” Miss Mingle would love for you to take her along with you to a party or other social gathering, and she would greatly appreciate having a souvenir photo of the event to post on this website. (Please scroll to the bottom of this page to see photo gallery.)

Just click on the image to the left (or on one of the links below) to get to a larger version of Miss Mingle. Print it out, cut along the dotted lines and you’re good to go!

Email your photos to .

PRIZE: At the end of every month I will choose the best Flat Miss Mingle photo from the ones I receive and send the winner a signed copy of The Art of Mingling – either a collectible bound galley (advanced proof) or a finished book.

Disclaimer: By sending me your photo, you are automatically granting me permission to post your photo here on my website, where it will be visible and available to the public.


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The Flat Miss Mingle Photo Gallery

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